Undercover purchase is one of the best and most appreciated tool of my trade, when it comes to investigations related to piracy and counterfeit, protect one’s copyrights and intelligence property.

A test purchase project is a legal way to test and discover the truth behind allegations or suspicions if a trader is infringing upon our client’s brand, product, intellectual property or copyrights. Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania prides itself with a 25 yrs of undercover purchase experience, both in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova, making our services second to none in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

These projects allow our clients to identify potential counterfeiters or traders in counterfeit products, which may negatively affect our client’s business interests in the aforementioned countries.

Test purchasing is also a very effective way to obtain irrefutable proof for court and thus supporting the raiding of the premises concerned.

We are able to record all test purchases and present evidence as and when required. We can assist basically any business and unearth the information or evidence needed to stop its c/f criminal activity.

If you believe we can assist your company as per above, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience; do call on us for a free of charge case assessment and quotation of the respective service.

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