Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania – Private investigation agency operating in Romania, est. 1991, specialized in anti-counterfeit, trademark infringement, test purchase and intelligence property protection investigations in Romania and Republic of Moldova,  towards securing and protecting our client’s business interests in Romania and Moldova.

We assist our clients from step 1, which is identification of the counterfeiting entity and product or market, going through the test purchase (basic or enhanced), continuing with identification of the manufacturer/distributor/supplier/seller or reseller and preparation of all legal documents as per law enforcement requirements. We also prepare and assist in the raiding of the warehouse or storage/production facilities identified.

securing and protecting our client’s business in Romania

We take our client brand protection in Romania extremely serious. We take all necessary steps to make sure that customer’s business in inside a risk-free zone at all times, and any infringing upon rights and property is professionally dealt with. Test purchase is but one of the tools we deploy to make sure the above stays valid for protecting our clients interests.

Our investigators are able to carry out test purchases on the entire territory of Romania and that of Republic of Moldova. This can be carried out in a business or a consumer environment.

These services of test purchases in Romania can be offered as standalone service, or together with our packets of anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property investigations in Romania.

We do this professionally, envisaging legal action against the seller, so all our data and TP procedure is done according to the law.

We have carried out these types of inquiries and test purchase actions for customers and used covert video to record in pictures and sound exactly what happens during the test purchase. This can be very useful for court and legal  purposes.

If you have any inquiry related to test purchase and sampling in Romania, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience!

Julian Tanase is the owner of Eurosurveillance CI Romania, a private enterprise of investigative services, es. 1991 in Romania.

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