Our trademark and brand protection investigations in Romania are a valuable tool for Western companies, who face a possible loss from partners or third parties.

Our approach is as follows:

determine date of first use to establish priority

goods or services offered

channels of trade & scope of use

verify scope of use and prove trademark infringement with documented evidence

obtain infringing product samples through our nationwide network of anonymous of covert companies.

Verify compliance with existing licensing documents or cease and desist notifications.

Control each purchase made on your behalf to ensure complete chain of custody documentation and admissibility.

We get busy immediately and identify infringement with certainty through a nationwide investigation network, covering many sources, including our own specialized databases, websites, discreet telephone contact and commercial database searches of public records.

Our contact, conducted within a suitable context to maintain anonymity, may uncover further leads to be pursued by our investigators until a complete picture is prepared, such as contacting manufacturers, distributors or retailers to determine details of product distribution.

We believe the best trademark in-use report is the one which answers your questions — in many cases, questions raised through the completion of a comprehensive trademark clearance report.

We approach all case of trademark and brand protection investigations in Romania with the utmost confidentiality, legality and diligence.

If you have any inquiry related to trademark and brand protection investigations, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience!

Alternatively, you may use our free case evaluation form !

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