Test purchase sampling – Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania is able to carry out test purchase sampling actions on the entire territory of Romania and that of Republic of Moldova. This can be carried out in a business or a consumer environment.

These services of test purchases sampling in Romania can be offered as standalone service, or together with our packets of anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property investigations in Romania.

We do this professionally, in a swift and decisive yet legal move against the seller, so all our data and TP procedure is done according to the law.

We can make use of covert individual or commercial identities to run a completely covert test purchase sampling action on behalf of our clients.

We have carried out these types of inquiries for customers and used covert video to record in pictures and sound exactly what happens during the test purchase. Our procedures are standardized for a subsequent legal action of the client against the infringer.

If you have any inquiry related to test purchase and sampling Romania, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience!

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