Litigation support regarding counterfeiting, intellectual property right infringement, trademark or brand infringement investigation projects in Romania. We provide litigation support after we have closed a certain phase of an investigations project in Romania, or having dealt with the entire project and closed it.

We can do this for you, as during or post- project support:

>    liaise with the authorities and assist them for the legal action against damaging entity

>    further test purchases or investigations, if these are needed as completing the legal work

>    witness case in court or assist your legal counsel

>    be part of the raiding party as your representative or on your behalf

>    help with destruction of counterfeit goods, research these, witness and document the destruction of the said c/f products

>    assist your legal counsel in delivery of a “cease & desist” action against brand or IP perpetrator

Whichever the case may be, we always act in our client best interests, and obey the legal procedures. If you have in mind a project, talk to us; we’ll be ready to tailor our services to suit your specific needs!

Court support is mandatory, in our opinion, after a case was satisfactorily completed and the matter has been passed to our client’s legal adviser in order to represent both the matter and the interests of our client in the Romanian courts of law, or in the European courts of law.

Our experience of 25 years taught us that, more often than not, it is vital for the legal adviser or legal representative of our client to closely cooperate with the agency who dealt with the investigations; after all, who should know better the answers to the problems depicted in the final investigative report?

We are aware of the importance of court support and we always try to accommodate our client by working hard, cooperating with the legal authorities and legal representative of our client, in such a manner that the investigations results will become hard proof in court.

All our services are oriented towards securing real and hard facts for our clients, so they can stand unbeatable chances when in court.

If you have any questions on how we may assist you on this court support matter, do no hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Alternatively, we can be instructed by your attorney to pick up an investigation needed in a court case you may be having currently.

We encourage you to use our free case evaluation form, without any obligation whatsoever !

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