Counterfeiting and piracy investigations are the Anticounterfeiting Investigations Romania’s flagship services, since 1991. Our approach to this important activity of safeguarding your company product is simple, yet decisive. Our focus is set primarily on combating counterfeit and piracy actions against our client product, name, brand and / or any intellectual property right of the sort.

The services described below are offered on a regular basis (but not limited to). Tailoring a project to fit the needs of our clients is the norm with us, and we indeed encourage our clients to make use of this bespoke or customization; we may be the ones providing the service, but it’s the client who owns the project and sets out the project tasks.

This is it. As said, simple, yet effective. Get there, dig deep, combat any and all counterfeiting and piracy actions identified, talk law and protect our client interests and business hard earnings.

identify the counterfeit product

identify the counterfeit market

identify the counterfeiter

establish methods, places and network of manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors, sellers and manufacturing or storage facilities

get hard proof of illegal activity

obtain law enforcement support

raid the premises, assist the LE

If you have any inquiry related to counterfeiting and piracy services in Romania, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience! We also offer free case assessment and quotation!

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