Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania services are profiled and focused mainly on obtain evidence about and identify sellers of possibly counterfeit products. We collect all of this above, in order to provide client with the proper and legal proof to bring to court that infringing party. In order to achieve full legal impact, we are tackling the following issues:

Sale of counterfeit or infringing products on the Internet

Identifying individuals / websites and online auction accounts

Sale of counterfeit or infringing products in markets and retail stores

Identifying distributor networks and factory locations

Legally raiding network of counterfeit products storage locations

Intellectual property, brand, product, market protection

Infringement investigations, safeguarding your company brand

Test purchases, made on order, either basic or enhanced

Upon client instructions, we conduct anticounterfeit investigation services Romania, concerning the following areas:

counterfeiting and piracy

intellectual property


cease and desist

criminal search assist


undercover purchase

trademark and brand protection

criminal search assist

undercover purchase

We offer free case evaluation, without any obligation to you; just fill-in the form here.

Do inquire on anticounterfeit services Romania, contact us today for a free of charge case assessment and quotation!

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