Regional coverage is that of the entire national territory of Romania. Our services can be also professionally deployed in any of the countries around Romania, to start, develop, or conclude a counterfeit & piracy project.

We can help you in Moldova, Bulgaria and Hungary as primary countries, where we can run our client’s projects. These are countries where we run the projects ourselves.

To some certain extent, we can also deploy our services in Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia. In these countries, we may use local agents; places like Kosovo are not known to be the friendliest place in Europe, if you know what I mean. In order to have things right from the beginning, please inquire prior to instructing us to work on a project.

If you believe we can assist you, or you have some queries related to Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania regional coverage, do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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