When you purchase fake power tools, this is what happens:

  1. your money are channeled towards funding that worldwide industry of fakes, fooling other honest people out of their hard earned cash
  2. you subject yourself to the danger of getting hurt, maimed, even killed by one of these fake tools, built mainly NOT with your safety in mind
  3. your endanger others who work around you, and risk the insurance policies of your company
  4. you risk to lose customers, for the quality of work you’re undertaking on an agreement is not up to par to the one done using proper tools
  5. there is no warranty of the product, and you’ll need to purchase another one and so forth, because when it’s broke you’ll just bin it; no warranty, you see
  6. no compatibility with your team, when working a certain project together

Not enough reasons for you NOT to buy that fake power tool? Well, use one such piece of machinery and you’ll discover many others, none of which you’ll like or abet.

Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania helps your organization fight against counterfeiters. Contact us at your earliest convenience, for our free of obligation project assessment.


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