To assess a suspicious or indeed a counterfeit active situation on the market, we conduct market surveys in certain locations in order to determine the availability of counterfeit, grey market, diverted or plain fake products. We are especially focusing on market survey in Romania, but have availability for Moldova, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Our work of market survey in Romania (for instance) would be initiated by devising a meeting and briefing with our client; this is where and when we discuss in-depth about region/location, what product/s are concerned, tasks and scopes, and what steps are necessary for us to take towards securing the satisfaction of our client.

Once this is done with, we then commence the actual work: execute the survey. The surveys are conducted in on or more locations, province or country, based on client’s instructions and needs.

As vital part of a quality market survey in Romania (for instance), we will conduct test purchases in the chosen locations and we will target the set-up agreed upon, be these large or small companies, or indeed individuals. All samples are treated as evidence and kept with proper chain of custody procedures.

If you wish to discuss with us regarding a possible counterfeit investigation or a market survey in Romania, Moldova, Hungary or Bulgaria, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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