Intellectual property investigations Romania – Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania services are profiled and focused mainly on obtain evidence about and identify sellers of possibly counterfeit products, or infringing upon intellectual property rights:

  • Sale of counterfeit or infringing products on the Internet
  • Identifying individuals behind websites and eBay/online auction accounts
  • Sale of counterfeit or infringing products in markets and retail stores
  • Identifying distributor networks and factory locations
  • Anticounterfeit research and legal raiding or closing down the c/f network of manufacturers or seller/distributors of your c/f or grey market product
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Trademark infringement investigations, towards safeguarding your company brand or mark
  • Test purchases, made on order, either basic or enhanced

Upon client instructions, we conduct intellectual property investigations Romania – anticounterfeit investigation services Romania, concerning the following areas:

For a description of intellectual property investigations Romania, please go to the relevant page. Do inquire on anticounterfeit services Romania, contact us today for a free of charge case assessment and quotation!


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