We have been conducting investigations to uncover and pursue sale and distribution of counterfeit toner cartridges in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, since 1991. However, in the last years, our focus has become more and more sharp onto the distribution networks and storage facilities in Romania. Our extensive experience as HP counterfeit expert comes in handy, as Mr. Julian Tanase was the expert for Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Hungary during 2012-2015. More on this expertize here on his LinkedIn profile.

We continually run surveys of the market, both brick and mortar shops and online sale of toner and ink cartridges as well, to uncover any possible sale of counterfeit toner cartridges. Our projects include both projects ordered by clients and proactive ones, initiated by us as results of identification of good leads.

Contact us if you believe we can assist in your fight against counterfeiting of toner and ink cartridges in Romania.

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