We undertake and conduct investigations related to counterfeit tobacco products in Romania. Full and professional researches into the provenience of the counterfeit tobacco products, the distribution network, dissemination chain and suppliers, storage facilities and over the border activity look up.

We actively assist our clients in identifying the above, and help decreasing the losses related to illicit trade of tobacco products in Romania.

Counterfeit tobacco products in Romania is of a growing concern and important issue for our clients, so we take immediate action, bespoke tailoring the projects in order to achieve greatest possible impact on the market. Our focus is on:

  • identify the import channels
  • identify the network
  • identify the sellers
  • identify the storage facilities
  • gather legal and usable evidence
  • work closely with the law enforcement
  • assist in the raids
  • make everything possible so the counterfeiters or smugglers are convicted

We are also focused on no name tobacco products or whiteys, as they disrupt our client’s good business in Romania.

For full information on what we can do for you, related to counterfeit tobacco products in Romania, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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