Some time ago, a vehicle burned to the ground following a fire which allegedly appeared inside the cockpit, under the dash board. Fortunately the driver and his family managed to get out of the vehicle before worse can happen.

A couple of weeks later, a police report was issued concerning this incident. The report clearly stated that the last repair job the vehicle undertaken (with only a couple of days prior to incident) was run in what was called a “shed behind a block of flats” in Bucharest. The parts installed by the “mechanic” were fake, and the mechanic himself was a self styled one, not qualified to undertake and conduct such auto repairs.

This is rife in Romania; everywhere you look, behind blocks, in small and remote neighborhoods, in the rural areas, people with no qualification are repairing vehicles, and get paid for it. As it would not be bad news, the parts they install are fake, purchased from smugglers, and completely useless. Obviously, no insurance or proof of such repair exists after, so one cannot prove the bad parts are the main cause of an accident. Only huge bills to be paid by the driver and family or passengers involved.

Anticounterfeit Romania is active in stopping such as above; we run professional research towards identification of sellers of c/f parts, warehouses and storage facilities in Romania, assisting LE in raiding and provide support to the legal representative of the client in the courts of law.

Call on us for a free of charge case assessment.

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