Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania case studies page here has the main purpose of showing our clients or to those interested in our services in the future, how Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania works.

Obviously, real names and places are not given here; we observe the utmost confidentiality when it comes to our clients identities or project data, even after we have long ended the work on behalf of our clients.

As you see, we have a good numbers of services which we render to the business community in Western and Eastern Europe alike; our clients are mainly brand owners or intellectual property rights owners who are damaged by the counterfeiting and piracy entities, in Romania or Eastern Europe.

Our services can be deployed in Romania or in countries bordering Romania, such as Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, and (to a certain extent) to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Do note that an anticounterfeit project can start in, say, Romania, and it can be worked through, say, Moldova and end up in Montenegro. Things can be complicated, so to say. We make sure we will dis-complicate them for you.

If you would need a sample report, in order to see if what and how we deliver, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for one.

Counterfeit & piracy

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Cease & desist

A large Western company, producer and distributor of PC consumables became aware that a certain product, of which they held full intellectual property rights, was sold in a Romanian shop. The selling of this product was not approved by the IP owner, and the Romanian shop did not acquired the rights to deal with this product.

The client contacted Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania and ordered us to serve a cease and desist letter to the infringing party. The letter was served as ordered, and the shop stopped its infringing activity.

If you need to order or request a cease and desist in Romania letter to be served to a suspected infringing party, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Test purchases

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Illegal warehouses

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Importing fake products

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Court success

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Pharma capture

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Ink & toner capture

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