Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania is a private investigation agency operating in Romania, established in 1991, specialized in anti-counterfeit research, brand protection, trademark infringement investigations and intellectual property protection investigations in Romania and Republic of Moldova. We are members in excellent standing of the Association of British Investigators, SCIP, IWWA and NAPBS.

Our main investigator, Mr. Julian Tanase, is a professional investigator with a law enforcement background, with an extensive experience of 27 yrs in intellectual property investigations.  More on Mr. Tanase’s professional expertize here, on LinkedIn.

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Anticounterfeit Romania has 28 years of investigating intellectual property infringements and tackling counterfeiters in Romania and Rep. of Moldova.

We assist our clients from step 1, which is identification of the counterfeiting entity and product or market, going through the test purchase (basic or enhanced), continuing with identification of the manufacturer/distributor/supplier/seller or reseller and preparation of all legal documents as per law enforcement requirements. We also prepare and assist in the raiding of the warehouse or storage/production facilities identified.

However, we do not stop here. Our client interest can be followed post project, if client so wishes: we can (and should be) instructed to pursue, witness and document all legal procedures, after the investigation has ended. As such, we can witness and document the warehouse raiding, gathering data on its efficiency and represent our client when goods are destroyed.

We take our client brand protection in Romania extremely serious, and this says a lot about us and our dedication. We take all necessary steps to make sure that customer’s business is and remains inside a risk-free zone at all times, and any infringing upon rights and property is professionally dealt with.

We always endeavor to continually support and uphold our client interests by further working closely and liaise with the legal representatives of our client, with law enforcement or court/prosecution services, in order to bring successful criminal charges to the entity infringing upon our client business and product reputation. Our clients is always in charge and we do maintain the highest legal requirements in our proceedings.

After raid is consumed, we liaise with the various LE agencies and customs authorities, to see this case brought to a legal end, seeking a legal closure to the project we investigated.


Counterfeit goods, locally manufactured or imported. They kill your business, they give your brand a bad name, you lose money and face, and sooner rather than later, you’ll have to take action. 

brand protection


Brand and trademark infringements are hitting your company in the most brutal manner. Such actions are undermining your business, and can prove to be a real stopper to your company future.

test purchase


You need to know who, how and what is affecting your business. These are the first steps in assessing the potential damage to your product or name, so you’ll put a face and a name to that entity.

We offer free case / project evaluation, for all your work in Romania, regarding intellectual property infringement, brand or product protection, or indeed for any anticounterfeit – related investigation you may need to run in Romania.

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